Anderson Powerpole

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Anderson Powerpole
Anderson Powerpole.jpg
45A Anderson powerpole connectors in the common layout for 12V DC power
Type Power connector
Manufacturer Anderson Power Products
Max. voltage 600V
Max. current 45A/75A/120A/180A

An Anderson Powerpole is a hermaphroditic power connector most commonly used for DC power distribution. Each powerpole is a single connection but can be connected together to form connectors with more contacts.



The Powerpole connector consists of a sprung sliding contact inside a plastic housing. The contacts can either be crimped or soldered and PCB contacts are also available, all of these use the same plastic housings. Housings slot together using a dovetail joints on the sides of the connector.


Powerpoles come in several sizes with different current ratings. The most common in amateur radio are the 15A,30A and 45A versions which all share the same housing.