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CI-V is a radio control interface used by Icom radios. CI-V stands for Communication Interface version 5.

Electrical protocol

CI-V uses a half duplex 5V UART connection over a 3.5mm Phone connector. The data line is on the tip and the sleeve is used as ground.

Software protocol

CI-V uses a fixed packet format with a command based structure. Commands and data area contents vary per radio. The computer interface always uses the address 0xE0.

FE preamble fixed 0xFE byte
FE preamble fixed 0xFE byte
ra receive address single byte destination address
ta transmit address single byte transmission address
cn Command number single byte command ID, also used for OK (0xFB) and NG (0xFA) status responses.
sc Sub command number single byte sub command ID, omitted for OK and NG messages.
dt Data area optional multi byte data area encoded in BCD
FD End of message code fixed 0xFD byte