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Type VHF/UHF FM handheld transceiver
Manufacturer Baofeng

The GT-3TP is a handheld FM transceiver.

Radio Capabilities

Transmit power

  • High Power 8W
  • Mid Power 4W
  • Low Power 1W

Frequency Range

  • 65-108 MHz RX only
  • 136-174 Mhz TX/RX
  • 400-480 Mhz TX/RX


The GT-3TP has a 7.4v 1800mAh Li-ion battery which forms part of the rear case of the radio. Larger capacity batteries are also available which extend below the radio


  • Antenna connection - Male SMA connector
  • Headset connector - Kenwood headset connector (Show Pinout)
  • Charge connector - 3 rear contacts on the back of the battery (plus, minus and sense)