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The connector diagram images are used to provide a reference to where pins are located on connectors. These images are mainly used on the pinout diagrams.

Basic image settings

The connector diagram images are SVG files and are created so that the image matches the dimensions of the connectors (The Wiki will automatically scale the images so that they will be readable regardless of the size of the connector).

File naming

There will be a common naming style for these images which is TBC


The images should be added to the Connector pinouts category.

Common styling

In order for the images to be consistent across the site the following style guidelines are recommended however these are not essential. This list will likely grow as more connectors are added and there is more areas we want to standardise on.

  • Pinout diagrams are black and white images with a transpatrent background.
  • Male pins on connectors are shown as solid black and female receptacles are shown as outlines only.