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This page describes the formalised structure of an pinout page and how to go about creating one.

Basic Page Setup

Page Location

Pinout pages should be stored either as a sub-page of a connector or piece of equipment, depending on if the connector is used on multiple pieces of equipment, (e.g. Phone connector/Mono audio or IC-7000/Accessory_socket).

Page Contents

A pinout page should have the following structure:

  • A description of the pinout
  • A {{pinout}} declaration wrapped in an <onlyinclude> section (this allows for the pinout to be included on other pages)
  • A Category:Pinout reference

See the example below for a complete pinout page, namely (Phone connector/Mono audio)

A common use of the [[Phone connector]] is for mono audio signals.

==== Pinout ====


|diagram_image = [[File:3.5mm_2pole.svg|200px|3.5mm jack]]

|id1 = Tip
|name1 = Signal
|desc1 = Audio Signal

|id3 = Sleeve
|name3 = GND
|desc3 = Ground


Populating the Pinout Diagram

Documentation on filling in a {{pinout}} can be found on the Template:Pinout page.