Mini-DIN connector

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Mini-DIN connector
Type Data connector
Designer Deutsches Institut für Normung

The mini-DIN connectors are a series of round multi pin connectors. These are a similar but smaller version of the DIN connector.


Data jack

The data jack is used to connect a Terminal node controller to a radio. The data jack uses a 6 pin mini-DIN connector. the female end is used on the radio and the male end on the connecting cable.

6 pin Mini DIN femaleIDnamedescription
1Packet data Inputdata input 40mV p-p for 1200 bps 2.0V p-p for 9600 bps
2GndGround connection
3PTTGround to Transmit
4RX96009600 bps Packet data output 500mV p-p
5RX12001200 bps packer data output 300mV p-p
6Squelchsquelch status output: +5v squelch open, 0v squelch closed.