USB connector

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USB connector
Type data connector
Designer USB Implementers Forum
Designed 1996

The USB Connector is the connector usually used for USB connections, although some devices use USB over a custom connector, often with offer functionality on the same connector, they are almost always used with a cable which ends in a standard connector.

USB connector Types

There are three types of USB connector available. Type A is used on host devices, Type B on client devices, Type C is used for either host or client devices.

Type A connectors

The type A connector is used for host devices such as computers. There are several sizes of A connector available.

  • Type A
  • Type A Super speed
  • Mini-A (Deprecated)

Type B connectors

The type B connectors are used on client devices.

  • Type B
  • Type B Super speed
  • Mini B
  • Micro B
  • Micro B Super speed

Type AB connectors

Type AB connectors are used on dual role device and fit both A and B plugs and detect which is in use using an ID pin.

Note: The micro B receptacle is often used when a micro AB receptacle should be present.

  • Mini AB (Deprecated)
  • Micro AB

Type C connectors

The type C connector is a reversible connector and can be used for both client, host and dual role devices and provides a negation mechanism to determine the connection direction.

  • Type C (contains super speed pins)