VL connector

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VL connector
VL connector.png
2 circuit VL connector plug
Type DC power connector
Manufacturer JST Mfg
Max. voltage 600V AC,DC
Max. current between 20A and 15A AC,DC depending on number of circuits

The VL connectors are a series of locking wire to wire connectors manufactured by JST Mfg. This connector is found as a DC power connector on a number of radios.



The VL connector is made up of crimp contacts fitted into a plastic housing, an optional retainer can be added to the rear of the housing. The Receptacle housing can feature a panel mounting feature allowing it to be clipped into cases as can be seen on some radios.


VL connectors are rated to up to 20A depending on number of circuits and wire gauge used, for this reason some radios use four or more circuits to increase current rating.

Environmental tolerance

The VL connector is not weatherproof.