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|RXend3 = 180.000
|RXend3 = 180.000
|TXstart3 = 144.000
|TXstart3 = 144.000
|Txend3 = 146.000
|TXend3 = 146.000
|RXstart4 = 320.000
|RXstart4 = 320.000

Latest revision as of 18:55, 12 April 2018

Type Quad band FM Transceiver
Manufacturer Yaesu
Production Status Active
Produced 2002
Voltage 13.8V DC
Current 0.5A RX 8.5A TX
Dimensions 140 x 41.5 x 168 mm
Mass 1Kg

The FT8900 is a dual channel quad band FM transceiver made by Yaesu. The radio features two internal transceivers the left hand side (by user control) supporting 70cm/2m/6m/10m and the right side 70cm/2m. The front panel can be detached from the body for mounting separately in mobile or other installations.

Radio Capabilities

Transmit power

  • 50/20/10/5 W (29/50/144 MHz)
  • 35/20/10/5 W (430 MHz)

Frequency Range

  • 28.000MHz - 29.700MHz (Left channel only)
  • 50.000MHz - 54.000MHz (Left channel only)
  • 108.000MHz - 180.000MHz RX 144.000MHz - 146.000MHz TX
  • 320.000MHz - 480.000MHz RX 430.000MHz - 440.000MHz TX
  • 700.000MHz - 985.000MHz RX only (Left channel only)


The radio supports the MH-42 or the MH-48a6j microphones.

The Manual also lists the following optional accessories.


Remote Head

  • microphone connection - 6p6c modular connector
  • Remote head connection - 6p6c modular connector (Show Pinout)

Main Unit

  • Audio Output - 2-position 3.5mm Phone connector Internally a 3 position circuit is used, the ring contact when shorted to ground enables the output. (Show Pinout)
  • Data socket - 6pin mini-DIN connector (Show Pinout)
  • Antenna connection - N connector (UHF connector in the US)
  • Remote head connection - 6p6c modular connector (Show Pinout)
  • DC power socket - 2 circuit VL connector