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This page covers the components and sections of an equipment page and how to go about creating one

Basic Page information and categorisation

Page Location

Pages for equipment should be located under the equipment's model number or name for example FT-8900. For equipment with sub model numbers for example microphones with connector variants create a page for the main model and put in redirects for variants for example MH-31a8j and MH-31b8 both redirect to MH-31.


Equipment pages use the {{Infobox equipment}} template to provide the basic information about the equipment. Documentation on the fields available in the info-box are available at the {{Infobox equipment}} page.

Basic description

Before the first section there should be a basic description of the equipment.


Add the {{Navbox equipment by manufacturer}} template to the page to provide the required navbox.


Equipment pages are stored under several categories for example Category:Transceiver and Category:Microphone each equipment page should be added to the appropriate category. Category:Equipment list the equipment category's that currently exist. If an appropriate category cant be found it can be put under the Category:Miscellanious or a new equipment category can be created for it if there is likely to be similarly categorised equipment in the future.

Adding detailed information to an equipment page

Equipment pages can be improved beyond the basic components listed above.

Some common sections to add to an equipment page

  • Radio Capabilities (bands and transmission powers)
  • Accessories
  • Battery
  • Connections (see the {{connections}} template documentation for info on how to create a connections section)

Things not to add to an equipment page

  • Links to distributors or online stores
  • Rumours about unreleased equipment
  • Personal reviews of the equipment