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This template is used to provide the infobox for connector pages

Example usage

{{Infobox connector
| image   = imagename.jpg
| alt = Image alt text
| caption = Image caption text
| type    = connector type text
| aka     = also known as

| designer = Connector designer
| design_date = date of design
| manufacturer = name of manufacturer
| production_date = date of start of production

| maximum_voltage = maximum rated voltage
| maximum_current = maximum rated current



Parameter Description Values Semantic value
image photo of connector filename
alt image alt text text
image_upright used to allow for tall images yes if image is a tall image otherwise omit this field
caption caption to describe photo wikitext
type textual description of connector wikitext
aka also know as, alternate names the connector may be known by wikitext
designer name of designer wikitext
design_date date of connector design date
manufacturer manufacturer of connector page (name of manufacturer page) Property:Has manufacturer
production_date production dates of connector date
maximum_voltage maximim voltage of connector wikitext
maximim_current maximum current of connector wikitext