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m (missed some curly brackets)
(added ability so specify start and end dates seperatley)
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| data5    = {{{production_status|}}}
| data5    = {{{production_status|}}}
| label6  = Produced
| label6  = Produced
| data6    = {{{production_date|}}}
| data6    = {{{production_date|{{#if:{{{production_start_date|}}}|[[Has production start date::{{{production_start_date}}}]] {{#if:{{{production_end_date|}}}| - [[Has production end date::{{{production_end_date}}}]]}} }} }}}
| label7  = Supersedes
| label7  = Supersedes
| data7    = {{{supersedes|}}}  
| data7    = {{{supersedes|}}}  

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This template is used to provide the infobox for equipment pages


Parameter Description Values Semantic value
title title of equipment if different from pagename wikitext
image photo of connector filename
caption caption to describe photo wikitext
type textual description of type of equipment wikitext
aka list of names the equipment is also known as wikitext
manufacturer link to manufacturer of equipment page (name of manufacturer page) Property:Has manufacturer
production_status current status of production one of the folowing: 'Active','Discontinued','Unreleased'
production_start_date date of start of production date Property:Has production start date
production_end_date date of end of production date Property:Has production end date
production_date Way to specify date of production if direct dates are not known (use of the seperate start and end dates are prefered) date
supersedes link to equipment this supersedes (only ink if a direct replacement for a previous model) wikitext link
powersupply_voltage powersupply voltage for equipment wikitext
powersupply_current powersupply current for equipment wikitext
powersupply_battery_voltage voltage of battery pack if equipment is battery powered wikitext
powersupply_battery_capacity capacity of the battery if equipment is battery powered wikitext
dimensions dimensions of equipment wikitext
mass weight of equipment wikitext
fcc_number fcc number given to equipment wikitext
rohs_compliant is equipment compliant with ROHS regulations yes/no
USB_VID usb vendor ID for equipment with USB connectors wikitext
USB_PID usb product ID for equipment with USB connectors wikitext