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| name1 = Antenna connection
| name1 = Antenna connection
| desc1 = Female [[SMA connector]]
| connector1 = Female [[SMA connector]]
| name2 = Headphone/Mic jack
| name2 = Headphone/Mic jack
| desc2 = 4 pin 3.5mm [[Phone connector]]
| connector2 = 4 pin 3.5mm [[Phone connector]]
| pinout2 = {{Pinout
| pinout2 = {{Pinout
   |diagram_image = [[File:3.5mm 4pole.svg|200px|3.5mm jack]]
   |diagram_image = [[File:3.5mm 4pole.svg|200px|3.5mm jack]]
Line 62: Line 62:
| name3 = Charge connector
| name3 = Charge connector
| desc3 = 2.5 x 0.7mm [[Coaxial power connector]]
| connector3 = 2.5 x 0.7mm [[Coaxial power connector]]

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Type VHF/UHF FM handheld transceiver
Manufacturer Baofeng
Produced 2011
Battery Voltage 3.7v Li-ion
Battery Capacity 1200 mAh
Mass approx. 130g
ROHS compliant true

The UV-3R is a handheld FM transceiver produced by Baofeng. It has also been produced by Vero Global Communication.

Radio Capabilities

Transmit power

  • High power 2w
  • Low power 1w

Frequency Range

  • 87-108 MHz RX only
  • 136-174 MHz TX/RX
  • 400-470 MHz TX/RX


The UV-3R has an internal 3.8v 1200mAh Li-ion battery. This uses the same form factor as the NP60 battery used in some cameras and mobile phones but does not have the sense pin.


  • Antenna connection - Female SMA connector
  • Headphone/Mic jack - 4 pin 3.5mm Phone connector (Show Pinout)
  • Charge connector - 2.5 x 0.7mm Coaxial power connector

Miscellaneous Features

  • Top-mounted LED Torch
  • Alarm
  • Attachable Belt Clip and Wrist Lanyard

UV3R+ Differences

Compared to the UV3R, the UV3R+ claims a marginally lower operating voltage of 3.7v, a non-interchangeable battery pack with a greater capacity of 1500mAh, along with different, non-interchangeable charging accessories. It features a different Power/Data/Headphone/Mic jack configuration, with separate 3.5mm Phone connector Audio Output and 2.5mm Phone connector Microphone Input, and a drop-in charging tray, which can be powered from USB.